I repeat all the steps previously commented with the new card. I give them the identification again and later they send me a new Activation Key. When trying to validate it, it is again rejected, just like the previous one.

I request a solution to my problem, since the device worked before the update. Indicating Duonix, that I must send the device to Germany and pay € 50 for activating the update, plus € 25 of transportation costs to my country.
I ask Duonix to take charge of the expenses, caused by the damage that has caused its new update on my device. Repeatedly asking them to provide me with the original version of the device, or the previous version in order to test if they could solve the problem generated in the PS100.
The following e-mails received by the staff of Duonix considered them offensive. By ensuring that I have no idea, and that I am not able to do a simple update.
I have all the e-mail sent and received. In addition to the screenshots of the processes followed with the device, which demonstrate everything that I am talking about and the bad attention received. Of a product that before it stopped working, it was only able to connect to 2% of vehicles to offer very basic data.